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Christopher Throssel


About Christopher Throssel

Christopher Throssel is a licensed attorney, passionate environmentalist, and dedicated father from Fort Collins, Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University with his undergraduate degree. Several years later, he moved to Rhode Island to attend Roger Williams University School of Law, where he completed his Juris Doctorate in 2017. After finishing his law studies, Christopher moved back to Colorado. He currently lives in Fort Collins with his family and is working as an Attorney for Britt, Tshering & Wang LLC. Previously, he served as an associate attorney at LTC Matters, specializing in probate, civil litigation, elder law, and other family law matters.

In his law practice, Christopher Throssel prioritizes professionalism and approachability. Navigating legal matters, especially in family law and the related specialties that Christopher works with, can be confusing and stressful. Families dealing with these matters might be processing the death of a loved one, navigating complex custody cases, or a myriad of other difficult life circumstances. Christopher enjoys helping guide his clients through these processes and helping them work toward the best possible outcome. While some legal professionals can be hard to talk to, Christopher strives to build positive relationships with each client and help them feel comfortable throughout the process. He is licensed to practice in Colorado and Wyoming.

Outside of work, Christopher Throssel has a variety of interests that keep him busy. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast who is also passionate about environmentalism. He has spent a lot of time working on reforestation and conservation efforts and continues to be interested in these fields. He has volunteered with the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers as well as Habitat for Humanity. Christopher loves giving back to his community and keeping Colorado’s beautiful natural areas alive and thriving. In addition to conservation efforts, Christopher loves outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and skiing. Colorado has plenty to offer for these activities.

Additionally, Christopher enjoys classic motorcycles and has several that he works on in his free time. He is interested in technology and enjoys learning about new applications in his personal and professional lives. Christopher is also the father of two young children he loves spending time with. He is invested in their lives and considers being a dad an integral part of his personal identity. Family time is important to him, and his kids are always a priority in his life amidst the rest of his interests and obligations.

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